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CABERNET SAUVIGNON Hearty, smooth and full-bodied with juicy blackberry, sweet plum and pepper spice flavors.


Bold aromas of apple and pear followed by flavors of tropical fruit, pineapple and melon with a touch of oak.
MERLOT Soft, supple and complex with mouth-watering flavors of plums, cherries and wild berries.
PINOT GRIGIO Abundandt aromas and flavors of citrus and lemon-lime. A crisp, refreshing finish.
PINOT NOIR  A deep red color with pleasant aromas and flavors of black cherry with a touch of vanilla. A fine balance between soft and subtle and complex and bold.
 MOSCATO  Delicious sweet flavors of peach and apricot. Bright, crisp and decadent.
 FREE RANGE RED  Full-bodied with big, juicy red fruit flavors of ripe plum. Slightly sweet with mild tannins. Smooth finish.
 SANGRIA  Refreshing sweet fruit flavors of lemon, lime, orange and cherry.
 SHIRAZ  A perfectly balanced wine with aromas and flavors of ripe raspberries, plum and blackberries. Hints of smoky, toasty oak.
 Lively fruit flavors of honeydew melon, nectarine and pear. Crisp and refreshing.

Rex Goliath


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