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Mouth-watering flavors of citrus, pears and creamy marshmellows. Medium-bodied wine with light tannins and good acidity. Rich, juicy finish.
PINOT NOIR Alluring aromas of cherry, plum and cocoa. Soft tannins with elegant flavors of black cherry, toasty oak and sweet spices. A clean, fruity-filled finish.


Jammy and juicy, medium-bodied wine with plush, velvety tannins. Ripe plum and black cherry flavors beautifully highlighted with a hint of cedar and spice.
PINOT GRIGIO Delicate aromas of lemon blossoms, honeysuckle, tropical fruits, white peaches and jasmine flowers. Crisp, bright luscious wine with a tangy, lingering finish.
RED WINE  A blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec delivering big tannins and a lingering, juicy finish. Indulgent flavors of rich dark fruits, spices and cocoa.



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