The City of Richfield's Communications Division is responsible for maintaining the City's web site and government cable tv programming. The objective is providing the public up-to-date information about Richfield's local government events and activities.

In addition, the Communications Division generates a published annual report to residents and provides press releases to local newspapers. The City broadcasts Council meetings, Housing and Redevelopment Authority meetings, and Planning Commission meetings. What's more, the City airs Out & About in Richfield, a half-hour show featuring various people, places, and events throughout Richfield.

Richfield Communications Contact
Lucas Johnson, Media Coordinator

Cable TV Channel 16 Broadcast Policy
The City broadcasts only material that relates to government or events and activities sponsored by the City.

Public Access Contact
Nathalie Gage, Community Television Administrator
952-826-0344 | Fax 952-826-0359
Last updated: 9/17/2013 12:44:06 PM